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Martha's Success Story

Personal Stories of Success Freaks

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Martha—Entrepreneur, Success Freak

"Since I was a young girl, I have been very driven. I had always wanted to be a business woman. Thankfully, my dream became a reality! I absolutely love to sell anything and everything! Building a business from nothing, and watching it grow into the #1 Music Company for schools in America has been extremely exciting!

Twenty-three years ago, I built a house from the ground up. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but something that I am proud that I was able to accomplish. It took real grit to get through the building process. I loved the fact that I fought hard, and didn’t give up while building my dream home.

Being successful in life is to do right by other people.

Being successful in life is to do right by other people. If you wake up each morning thinking of ways you can help other people, you will experience true joy and live a beautiful life. I believe you must be grateful for the life you have been given. Wake up every day with insane passion knowing that each day is a gift, and it must be treated as such.

Define what success looks like to you. Be specific! Do you want a great marriage, a wonderful family and a great job? I believe you can be successful in any relationship in life, and in any job, you choose if you will try to add value to the people, and the company you are associated with. Wake up each morning with the thought of doing everything you do with excellence. You will find true joy in any project if you do it to the best of your ability!

I believe in Success Freak! ​Who doesn’t want to be successful?

I believe in Success Freak! Who doesn’t want to be successful? We all need words of encouragement to motivate us to be our best self. This book will inspire you to become the best version of you. Take notes and make the necessary changes to become a successful person. It’s amazing what can happen when you apply these seven principles to your life. Get ready to be TRANSFORMED!"

About the book "Success Freak"

There is so much more to success than meets the eye. Success is acquired, not inherited. It’s something that can’t be defined by your bank account, or your job title, or the car you drive. From the moment we first scream our lungs out until our final breath, we look for ways to pursue our wildest dreams. Who doesn’t want to get more out of life? Yet, many of the old, traditional ideas about success no longer apply to today’s environment. Combining helpful exercises and easy-to-follow action plans, Success Freak will show you how to unleash the amazing potential that, yes, already lies within you., This interactive guide shares the seven skills that can transform your life in only one week, empowering you to become your own success story. You are about to become an unstoppable force of resolve and determination: nothing short of the Success Freak you were always meant to be.

Success Freak will be available on Nov 4 2019. Sign up here to get your free guide and be notified when the book is available at and at any great bookstore.